Our Microsoft Word training courses are led by  professional trainers with many years of hands-on experience, meaning that our Word course trainers bring the training to life with real-life scenarios and examples.

 With Microsoft Word, the industry standard word processing application, it is possible to produce professional documents and layouts either by using a wide range of supplied templates or by starting from scratch. The user can create custom type styles and apply them to imported or entered text, and design and format complex tables.

Microsoft Word allows users to create documents of many hundreds of pages including pictures and diagrams imported from other office applications such as Visio and Microsoft Project.

Our Microsoft Word training courses cover all versions of the software including 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. One-to-one or group bookings can also be arranged on dates to suit you and customised to your specific requirements.

These courses are focused on ensuring that we make you a faster and more relaxed Microsoft Word user. Given how widely Word is used in business today, being a comfortable and capable Word user is a key career skill for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner tackling Word for the first time, or an advanced user learning how to automate repetitive tasks using VBA, our courses are deliberately very hands-on. We believe that skills are developed through guided practice which reinforces learning and shows you how to apply what they are learning practically. Our exercises are carefully chosen to emphasise the key aspects of each lesson.

Word’s key strength is that is it so configurable if you know how. However, this presents a challenge to the inexperienced user. It means that Word contains very large numbers of options, often within nested menus. It is not unusual for a user to know what they want to do with Word but not be able to find the relevant menu. Our in-class exercises get delegates working independently on Word, which means that you become familiar navigating the various menus that Word contains.

The Word Essentials course will teach you the fundamentals of using Word. By the end of this course, you will be able to produce and store a document, access and retrieve data for editing and edit simple text to a required format and layout.

In our Word Intermediate course learn to work with sections in documents, create columns, create and manipulate tables, use word automatics, plus use simple graphics to present documents to their best advantage using Word.  By the end of this course, students will be able to improve document presentation and layout, create a standard document using an existing template, organise and maintain text in a table and insert and edit graphics and drawing objects

Our advanced Microsoft Word training course will teach you to use the advanced features of Word to their full extent.

This course is instructor led, and involves working on a number of practical, hands on examples and exercises in a workshop environment. Led by highly experienced Microsoft Word trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with practical Word experience as well as lots of useful tips and tricks

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